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Teaching Portfolios: Who Needs One?

Updated:  July 17, 2013 Since starting my work as a Faculty Advisor for secondary pre-service teachers, I have learned something that surprises me.  Elementary teachers are often required to develop a teaching portfolio, yet secondary teachers are not required to … Continue reading

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Why does Learner Centred Instruction Matter?

I am asking myself some big questions these days.  It could be my age, or my phase of life, but all of these questions begin with “Why?”  Why am I on this planet? Why did I chose to the field … Continue reading

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Three “P”s of Online Instruction

I was recently asked to share some tips for instructors who were new to online tutoring.   The research and documents published on this topic are impressive and maybe even overwhelming, so here is my very  simple summary that I hope … Continue reading

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Three Innovative Ways to Get Students Talking

I have recently observed some impressive strategies that have cleverly engaged every student in the classroom.  They have provided a comfortable format for students to participate in discussion with each other and become totally involved in the topic of the … Continue reading

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The G.O.A.L.L.I.E Method of Lesson Planning

Working with UBCO candidate teachers and Instructors at Okanagan College has given me the privilege of viewing some very inspiring lesson plans.   I have seen many formats and templates, and I have realized that no  ‘one size fits all’  format … Continue reading

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FIVE Strategies New Teachers Learn FAST

My student teachers in the Secondary Teaching Education Program at UBC Okanagan have just completed their first full week in the classrooms.  Their reflections on what they  learned last week have already highlighted some key aspects of good teaching practice.  … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Personalized Learning

      The complex needs of our 21st century learners are driving our education systems to a new focus on personalized learning.  Articles, videos and blogs with impressive examples of personalized learning are flooding the media.  Many examples involve … Continue reading

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