41 Benefits of an ePortfolio

Benefits  of an  ePortfolio . . . 

               . . . for Students,  Educators, Employers or Corporate Companies

 1.  Students that develop an  ePortfolio will see BENEFITS . . .  from the PROCESS.

  • They will discover a valuable exercise in self assessment through the reflection process
  • Learning will take on a new depth through the reflection process
  • Their self esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced as they take control of their learning. 
  • They may develop their own goals for their learning. 
  • Assessment of their learning may become more student centered;  the learner is involved and authorized to make decisions about will be evaluated. 
  • They will receive more recognition for individual learning abilities and preferences.
  • They will learn and begin to practice  a process that will be used in life long and life wide learning pursuits.

    . . . . from the PRODUCT

  • They will have a tool for personal development.
  • They will have a personal learning record.
  • They may receive credit for informal and non-formal learning as well as formal learning.
  • They will have direction for career planning.
  • They will have a tool for feedback from teachers and peers; feedback in the form of comments, as opposed to marks.
  • They will have a concrete way of showcasing strengths to teachers or  future employers.
  • They may have needed documentation for prior learning assessment  or program credits.
  • They may receive credit towards a course completion or towards  graduation
  • They will have an extremely portable tool to use no matter where they are in the world.

2.  Educators that develop their own Portfolio will see BENEFITS . . . from  the PROCESS.

  • They will understand the important aspect of the process fully and see that the process is just as important as the product.
  • They will be able to empathize with students as they create, find or request their own evidence.
  • They will develop an appreciation for the challenges that are experienced while writing a reflective statement that identifies learning.
  • They will have the opportunity to explore more fully who they are and what they know and can do.
  • They will assess strengths and interests which allows for exploration of career options.
  • They will refresh their skills in documenting lifelong learning experiences

. . . from the PRODUCT.

  • They will have a record of personal learning with documents that prove formal and informal learning.
  • They will be able to demonstrate professional growth and show a commitment to continued learning.
  • They will have an organized collection of evidence that can be used as a job search tool if needed.
  • They will have a tool to showcase skills and knowledge to their employers when seeking a new position or a promotion.
  • They will be able to identify strengths and/or weaknesses to help with future professional development decisions.
  • They will be able to assess strengths and make more informed decisions on career options.
  • They will have clear documentation to assist with Prior Learning Assessment and be able to link learning to learning outcomes.
  • They may even have the evidence needed for PLA credits when pursuing continued education.

3.  BENEFITS to Employers or Corporate Companies that establish a Portfolio Community for their employees . . .  from  the PROCESS.

  • Employees will have the opportunity to explore more fully who they are and what they know and can do.
  • They will refresh their skills in documenting lifelong learning experiences.  This allows them to bring all of their learning to their daily job challenges.
  • They will assess their strengths and interests which will assist them in seeking new opportunities within the company that they are suited for.  This allows a company to retain the most talented staff members.
  • A Portfolio initiative would create a “buzz” of interest and excitement resulting in increased staff morale.

  . .  . from the PRODUCT.

  • Employees will have a record of personal learning with documents that prove formal and informal learning.  This results in a definite boost of confidence.  
  •  A staff with increased confidence will be a more productive staff.
  • Employees will be able to demonstrate professional growth and show a commitment to continued learning.  They will have evidence for a requested transfer or promotion.
  • Employees will be able to “showcase” their best work and share examples easily and comfortably with each other.  A community of sharing ideas and best practices will be developed within the company.
  • Human Resource specialists will have an effective tool to match employees to job position.  They will be able to identify strengths and/or weaknesses to help the staff with future professional development decisions.

My goal is to reach 101 benefits.  Can you add to the lists?

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61 Responses to 41 Benefits of an ePortfolio

  1. Ray Tolley says:

    Karen, I really like your list, a lot of thought has gone into this!

    Just a few additions at the moment – assuming that you can fit them in:

    Students: They will have an e-safe tool that can support peer assessment and collaboration.

    Students: Through the ‘about me’ section staff will be able to discern a deeper understanding of their background and domestic situation etc.

    Both: A good e-Portfolio system will allow the concurent presentation of differing artefacts to different audiences, but at the same time saving duplication of materials as all artefacts will be hosted together.

    Staff: Will develop competencies that students will respect.

  2. Ray Tolley says:

    Whilst commenting on the above in my blog, I thought of the following:

    Students: Particularly those who are less able or less confident, an e-Portfolio can be scaffolded with as much guidance as the institution wishes.

    Students: Students have a place where ‘show-and-tell’ takes on a new level of quality presentation with added permanence.

    Students: The e-Portfolio is a tool that generates a pride of ownership of one’s learning far more than any school exercise book can engender.

    Educators: The receiving Secondary school will gain a much better picture of the ‘whole child’ through an e-Portfolio, far more than any end-of-year report.

    Parents: Parents will have a much better understanding of their child(ren)’s progress and also the quality of the feedback and support from their teachers.

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  4. Jamin Lietze says:

    Hi Karen

    Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a link to yours! Yes we do share a common passion :+)

    Can I add to the list that you and Ray have developed so far? But I wish to state that my perspective is purely based around the benefits a STUDENT ePortfolio will have on themselves, their Educators and Family members.

    A student (the owner of the ePortfolio) will gain:
    – a personalised learning environment
    – greater motivation to engage in their learning via digital means as it is a more exciting and relevant form of communication
    – growth and confidence in the use of ICT skills
    – real 24/7 audience for their work
    – place to collect their work samples/resources/links
    – a place to document and celebrate their achievements
    – an avenue to communicate with others
    – increased communication opportunities with their educator (through discussion threads)

    The Educator of the student will gain:
    – greater picture of the “whole” student through work samples, podcasts, videos, photos (depicting both school and home activities)
    – collection of student work for assessment purposes (diagnostic and formative)
    – avenue for feedback/forward
    – an opportunity for a greater connection with the student and their family members
    – an insight into the students achievements, attitudes, academic progression and thought processes

    The family members of the student will gain:
    – greater opportunity for educational partnerships with their child and the educator
    – 24/7 access to their child’s work (providing the ePortfolio is online)
    – a dynamic window in their child’s classroom
    – greater sense of peace knowing that their child is learning about ICTs and social networking within a safe environment (providing the ePortfolio is passworded)

    There is more but I think that you (or Ray) have touched on many of them. I do apologise if I have repeated something you have said.

    Karen, as a classroom teacher I personally witnessed these benefits as a result of our ePortfolio pilot last year.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts! :+)

    • kbarnstable says:

      Thank you so much Jamin for your ‘tried and true’ additions to the list. You have stated many added benefits with experiential insights that have obviously come from the recent pilot with your students. As I incorporate your ideas with the current list and Ray’s additions, we will be closer to the goal of 101 benefits that I am striving for. More importantly, we are collaborating on the value of this most useful educational tool, and hopefully advancing its future impact.
      Thanks again for your comments and your contributions.

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  6. Hah I am literally the first reply to your incredible post!

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  9. Haya Rashid says:

    I am (Student-Teacher) in Bahrain Teachers College and i really benefited from your amazing post !

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  18. SOCL3310 says:

    Reblogged this on SOCL3310 and commented:
    Excellent and succinct description of the benefits of an e-portfolio for college students.

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  21. munya says:

    I think if there is one place for PLP, and it can be used to join another PLEs, like a single sign on. and all your work add to this centralized PLP, it will be a great idea.

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  26. ktrivino says:

    I presently started my first eportfolio. Each page of my eportfolio is something I want to grow. Blog page -I want to start blogging and reflecting on my learning Page -My Learning Networks – where and who do I want to focus and learn from Page – Mindset – so important etc. The pages are what I want to focus on so my eporfolio is setting goals by page and keeping me focused on them, everytime I go to them.

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