Four Ways to Reflect (via Stable Transitions)

These four ways of reflecting have been now been used by many profs, teachers and students. They seem to be very helpful in guiding what to say in a reflection and have often led learners to a discovery about themselves or their learning.

The 22 questions can be altered or changed to fit the type of learning experience that is requiring reflection.

Four Ways to Reflect Four Dimensions of Reflective Learning I.  Thinking Back  Returning to a learning experience or recapturing a learning event some time after it has taken place may allow the learner to revisit the entire experience from a fresh and different perspective.  Learners may uncover previous knowledge that had been learned but was now buried or simply forgotten.   Questions that may help uncover learning from the past are:   What was the original purpos … Read More

via Stable Transitions


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1 Response to Four Ways to Reflect (via Stable Transitions)

  1. I love this categorization!! It’s exactly what I need to flesh out my paper on the view that reflection is more than simply reflective practice; it becomes a whole attitude and way of thinking inside, outside, with others, alone, forward, backward and present. And you make it so simple 🙂 Is this published anywhere, please?

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