Three Reasons Why Our Graduates need an ePortfolio

Despite the challenges of time and finances needed to implement ePortfolios in schools, educational instutions are still making good progress with the effective use of ePortfolio products and processes.  This success can be credited to champion educators who are forging ahead because of the undeniable benefits to them and their students. Workplaces have a long road ahead of them to reach the same goal of adequately understanding and taking advantage of the ePortfolio benefits in their world. The future is promising, however, as education leads the way.  Our current graduates who have experienced ePortfolios will become employers, human resource specialists, trainers and employees.  They will be bringing their knowledge, expertise, and ‘ePortfolio thinking’ habits with them to their future workplaces, and hopefully addressing the challenges that currently block the road of progress. Every graduate that enters the work world with an ePortfolio has the potential to lead that workplace in the following areas:

  1. The graduate can show colleagues, supervisors and bosses their  ePortfolio ‘tool’ as an example to help others in that workplace understand the product, potentially opening the door to implementation of a career or work- based ePortfolio. 
  2. The graduate with an ePortfolio should be able to clearly articulate his or her skills and abilities and demonstrate those abilities with some type of evidence.  This could provide examples for matching evidence of skills to positions for more effective hiring or better selection of employees for promotions. 
  3. The ePortfolio graduate has developed the habit of reflecting on his or her learning.  This graduate can share thought processes with colleagues that can enrich and deepen workplace ideas and routines.  According to Dewey, a reflective person thinks about his actions attempting to understand them to make improvements in the future. In his book The Reflective Practioner, Schon describes how reflection is necessary to transfer academic knowledge to the practical use of that knowledge needed in the workplace. 

Cheers to our graduates and the positive influence they will have in their future work places!


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  1. Ray Tolley says:

    Karen, Yet another most enjoyable post, thanks.

    As usual I have to chip in with my promotional bit at:

    Best Wishes
    Ray T

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