Basic Student Reflection Questions

Basic Student Reflection Questions

We all have different and unique ways to communicate ideas, concepts and memories. When we record them in a logical manner using words, sentences and pictures, our learning will becomce more clear in our minds.  We can use these reflections to increase the learning from our accomplishments as well as our failures. Quite often, we may rely upon these reflections to improve or change the way we will do something in the future.

Complete the following questions using words, sentences, pictures and stories. Be honest and record important and meaningful ideas to you. 


  • What was your task, the ultimate goal or outcome for this activity?  (This relates to the challenge that you were given.)   
  • What are some important concepts, factors and ideas that you discovered/learned?  (Remember – you may have heard or known about the concept before your challenge; try to jot down something new about it.) 
  •   How did you solve the problem or task? Did you reach your goal? Explain.   
  • Were your ideas good or bad?  Would you make revisions to changes if you had to do it again?  Explain.   
  • How could your activity and the manner by which you approached or solved it be important to a real-life situation?  (Think about your home life, school experiences, sporting events or laces of employment for others.) 

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  1. Ray Tolley says:


    I do not see reflection as being the same as ‘introspection’. I therefore see reflection as based on both primary and secondary sources, of the shared opinions of peers, often in their own patois, and also of respected mentors (who may not be academics but caring/interested people).

    Reflection is not only about the immediate task in hand. There is a very powerful benefit to a student looking at how they might have tackled a problem in the past, what they did this time and how they might approach the same sort of problem in the future.

    see my post at:

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