Portfolios for Career Transition: Step 4 – Presentation

Step 4 – Selection for Presentation

The final step in deciding what to put into your Portfolio involves selecting items that will be appropriate for your audience.  Some questions to consider are:

  1. Who are the key people that will be viewing my Portfolio?
  2. What exactly will they want to see?
  3.  What is their familiarity with Portfolios? 
  4.  Will they need assistance in navigating through this item of evidence or through the organizational format used?
  5. How might they evaluate my skills?
  6. What questions might they ask?

 Preparing for the Presentation

 The best advice that can be given regarding the portfolio presentation is to follow the lead of the interviewer.   Some employers may be truly interested and actually ask you to show your portfolio.  This is not an open invitation to walk through every item in your collection.  Be respectful of time limitations and be ready with the top three items that say the most about you.  Then, pause and see if they are wanting to see and hear more.  Chances are they will have to move forward with the interview. 

If the employer does not invite you to show your portfolio, be ready with items that help you answer an interview question.  For example, you might say, “ I can explain that job experience more fully by showing you this. . . “  Keep your explanation short and simple.  Hopefully they will ask questions that will allow you to tell more about specific skills or accomplishments.

                          Final Portfolio Tips

 It takes time to develop a good Portfolio but the result                  will be  worth the effort!

             Think QUALITY not QUANTITY and keep your                  Portfolio simple.

       Make sure you can defend each item in your                        Portfolio.  Why have you included it?  What strength or skill does it demonstrate?

      Don’t skimp on your Portfolio budget.  Remember your Portfolio is a reflection of you.  Keep your Portfolio current; review it on a weekly basis and update as appropriate.

 You can customize your Portfolio for a specific job application.   Keep copies of everything in a general portfolio, then select specific items for a “tailored” portfolio.  

There is no law that says you can’t have more than one Portfolio!


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