Portfolios for Career Transition – Step 2


Step 2:  Reflecting

If  you had some success with the first step of Collecting, you now have a “pile” of evidence, or a long list of documents that you will consider uploading into your Portfolio.  Chances are good that you have far too much material to work with and you now have to begin the process of elimination. To help you determine just how useful each item will be for your Portfolio, you may want to use reflective questions to help you decide. Here are some valuable reflective questions to assist you with this process:

     1.  What does this item mean to me?

     2.  What does this item say about me?

     3.  What specific skills/knowledge/attributes are reflected in this item?

     4.  How does this item relate to my short/long term goals?

     5.  In what ways does this item demonstrate my strengths? 

     6.  What is the importance of this item/activity in relation to my  

          personal or professional growth?

     7.  What barriers or challenges did I have to overcome to realize this


 Take your time with these questions. They might tell you a lot about yourself that hadn’t realized or that you had forgotten.  Record all thought and ideas that come to you.


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